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President Joe Biden, a Beacon of Hope

Welcome to a world where compassion meets action and dreams are transformed into reality. At the heart of this transformation are many people working together as a beacon of hope for vulnerable children within the United States of America and worldwide.

We want to thank you for supporting the prevention of cruelty to children by reading this book. We are honored to serve children, teens, families, and other adults. We are dedicated to addressing the critical issue of child abuse, which continues to impact our nation. We encourage you to continue supporting children, teens, families, and other adults in your community and throughout the country in an overwhelming fight to end child abuse in America. One individual has the authority to declare child abuse a National Emergency, the President of the United States, with the support of the U. S. Congress.


“No one — no one, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, should experience abuse. Period. And if they do, they should have the services and support they need to get through it.”

President Joe Biden on March 16, 2022

Joe Biden has spent more than 25 years fighting to end violence against women, children, and men in the United States. In the 1990s, as a senator, he wrote the landmark Violence Against Women Act, which drastically changed how the U.S. responded to domestic violence and sexual assault. This Act offers better protection to children, women, and men.


President Joe Biden's Hope for Children

In the intricate landscape of American politics, President Joe Biden emerges as a potential champion for the cause. His personal experiences with tragedy, losing his wife and daughter in 1972, have molded him into a sympathetic politician for victims of abuse and tragedy. Evidence of this lies in his executive order, signed in July 2023, allowing independent military attorneys to prosecute sexual assault crimes committed against military members. Despite criticism, President Biden's commitment to justice for victims remains steadfast.

President Biden's tenure, marked by significant accomplishments in addressing COVID-19, infrastructure, inflation, and veterans' benefits, positions him as a leader capable of tackling the epidemic of child abuse.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there were over 23 million confirmed victims of child abuse in the United States between 1992 and 2020. Over these 28 years, at least 400,000 or more child abuse cases occurred annually.

Why hasn’t the federal government done more to address the epidemic of child abuse that exists in the country? Child abuse within the United States has been referred to by the United States Health and Human Services as a national emergency for nearly 30 years. And yet, we have not seen one American President address the issue aggressively within that time. Why not?

The President is the only federal government official with the authority to declare a national emergency under the Constitution. They are supposed to declare a national emergency whenever a severe threat endangers many people in the country, such as natural disasters, armed conflicts, epidemics, pandemics, civil unrest, and so on.

You would think that over 400,000 abused children per year would be enough for the President to declare a national emergency over the issue. Unfortunately, no American President seems to want to touch the subject. Perhaps the reason is that the number of child abuse cases within the U.S. Armed Forces is probably double the number of civilian cases. Sadly, the public never hears about child abuse in military families because those cases are usually buried under the rug and go unreported. Please remember that when you read the accurate statistics of child abuse in America within Chapter 2 of this book, the child abuse cases within the U.S. military and U.S. military families are not included in those statistics.


President Joe Biden is Our Best Chance for Addressing the Problem

Joe Biden has had a terrific first term as President. His most significant accomplishments have been tackling COVID-19, passing a groundbreaking infrastructure bill, reducing inflation, reducing unemployment, increasing benefits for veterans, and so on.

There is something extra special about Joe Biden, though. He is one of the only Presidents in contemporary American history to experience personal tragedy and hardship. After all, his young daughter and wife died within months before he took office in the U.S. Senate back in 1972.

Losing a wife and daughter made Joe Biden a more sympathetic politician toward the victims of abuse and tragedy. That is likely why he has supported victims and victims’ rights throughout his political career. We witness evidence of his compassion and sympathy while he is President of the United States.

In July 2023, President Biden signed an executive order that would allow independent military attorneys to prosecute sexual assault crimes committed against military members. Since military commanders and leadership typically ignore sexual assault reports and incidents, this executive order helped ensure that sexual assault victims will have justice.

President Biden received a lot of criticism from military leadership over this executive order. However, criticism has never deterred President Biden from doing the right thing because he cares about victims more than upsetting his opposition. He has proven this with his track record in both the Senate and the White House.

For this reason, Joe Biden is the most likely President to declare a national emergency over the epidemic of child abuse cases in the United States. If the Democratic Party can regain control of the House of Representatives and maintain control of the Senate and White House in 2024, they would be in a perfect position to declare child abuse a national emergency and pass meaningful legislation to address it.

The stakes could not be higher for the 2024 elections in the United States. We cannot afford to elect the wrong people into office, or else we will never see the child abuse problem addressed at the national level. Former President Donald Trump may publicly call out politicians who have failed on the issue, but that doesn’t mean he will do anything to address it. Mr. Trump seems to only care about getting reelected and gaining power again.

American democracy is deteriorating, and more people oppose the federal government today than ever before. While there may be several legitimate reasons to oppose the government, one of the biggest is the country’s failure to address child abuse on a national scale. Many Americans feel like the country does not want the world to know about its high rate of child abuse in schools, churches, military families, and civilian families. We believe, for this reason, that is why some American voters feel compelled to vote for outrageous politicians who are vulgar and vile. It is one way of getting back at the system which has failed to keep children safe. That strategy will not increase the protection for abused children. It will only make things worse for children by leaving children more vulnerable.

Do not let your anger for the system cloud your better judgment. President Joe Biden and the Democrats have the best track records for protecting children and abuse victims in multiple settings throughout the history of America. They have already cracked down on child labor, child hunger, and child poverty in the United States.

Therefore, we have every reason to believe that the Democrats will also crack down on child abuse in the country when given the opportunity and authority to do so. All we need to do is give them majority power in Congress and the White House in 2024. Then, if we advocate for them to declare child abuse a national emergency, they will likely do so once in office. The hope is that, with a Democratic majority in Congress in 2024, a federal emergency declaration and meaningful legislation addressing child abuse will be on the horizon.


Healthy Support for Children, Teens & Families in America

President Joe Biden was raised by a gentle, honorable man who always taught his children that the greatest sin anyone could commit is the abuse of power — and the cardinal sin is when a man raises his hand to a woman or a child or someone with less physical power, including raising a hand to a weaker man.

When he started to work on this issue, violence against women, children, and men was not taken as seriously, and survivors were not given the recourse they deserved. Too often, victims of violent crimes were blamed. Too often, perpetrators were not prosecuted. President Joe Biden, Hope for Children Foundation, and many others are convinced America needs to change its culture. And to change the culture, we must pull the mask off this dirty little secret. A simple message for all Americans: You should be the ultimate agents of change. It’s time for all of us to step up!

Child abuse poses a significant threat to our democratic institutions, akin to the impact of the January 6th insurrection. Such abuse undermines the judicial and executive branches, including law enforcement and civil services. Firsthand experiences and real-world examples demonstrate the urgent need to address the prevalence of child abuse in the United States.

The valuable information presented to you in this book demonstrates how the abuse of power in child abuse cases is an attack on our democratic institutions, drawing parallels to the January 6th insurrection. While the violent assault on Congress may appear to be a more overt threat to democracy, the corruption and power abuses in child abuse cases can also have a significant impact on our democratic system.

Our democracy relies on the legislative, executive, and judicial branches working together to uphold the law. The January 6th insurrection was a direct attack on the legislative branch, while the corruption in child abuse cases undermines the integrity of the judicial branch. In both instances, the breach of oaths to uphold constitutions and laws poses a considerable threat to the foundations of our democracy.

As the January 6th Committee has emphasized, we are a nation governed by laws. The corruption and abuse of power in child abuse cases constitute a direct and significant attack on the legal framework that upholds our democratic system, thus undermining the core values that define our nation.

It is imperative to ensure that each alleged abused child receives a thorough and lawful investigation into the abuse they have endured. Just as the January 6th insurrection investigation has paved the way for justice, a comparable approach is necessary for child abuse cases to protect alleged victims adequately. While the cost of such investigations may be substantial, it is an essential investment in our children's well-being and our nation's future.

The issue of violence against children, teens, women, and men is rooted in the abuse of power, and it demands our attention. President Joe Biden has emphasized the importance of supporting all individuals who have experienced abuse, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. In his 2022 Proclamation on National Child Abuse Prevention Month, he further highlighted his administration's commitment to providing equitable support to needy families. This aligns with the mission of Protect The Children LLC and Hope for Children Foundation, established in 1998 by the author of this book, to address the pressing issue of child abuse.


“To help prevent child abuse and neglect, my Administration is committed to providing high-quality and equitable support to all families that need it.”


President Joe Biden

during Proclamation on National Child Abuse Prevention Month 2022


The Biden administration and Congress have made recent strides in addressing child abuse issues, with the signing of the Eliminating Limits to Justice for Child Sex Abuse Victims Act of 2022and the launch of the White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse. Additionally, the Senate is considering H.R. 485to reauthorize the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. While these actions are commendable, more work remains in this critical area.

Thanks to the efforts of then-Senator Joe Biden and Congress in 1994, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was passed, allowing the Hope for Children Foundation to include comprehensive instruction on the legislation since 2000. This act, championed by President Biden, has offered improved protection for victims of violent crime, including children, teens, women, and men when federal VAWA laws are violated.

For a deeper understanding of the significance of the Violence Against Women Act, we invite you to review a video training session led by former Assistant U.S. Attorney Mike McCrum: Additionally, that website of Hope for Children Foundation offers over 25 free educational videos and resources related to child abuse prevention and support for victims.

We urge champions from across the country to unite in our efforts to combat the challenges associated with child abuse. This book outlines the vital actions required to tackle this issue nationwide effectively.


Conclusion: A Safer Tomorrow

In closing, the intertwining narratives of child abuse statistics, advocacy efforts, and the impactful work of the Hope for Children Foundation paint a complex picture of a national emergency that demands attention. President Joe Biden's potential role in addressing this crisis adds a layer of hope, signaling the possibility of a national and federal emergency declaration and meaningful legislation.

As we navigate the shadows of child abuse, the collective efforts of individuals, organizations, and policymakers can pave the way for a safer tomorrow. It is a journey that requires continued support, awareness, and a commitment to breaking the silence surrounding child abuse. Let us transform lives, empower survivors, and build a society where everyone is protected and empowered.


Let us all pledge and act on three things:

(1) I promise to intervene instead of being a bystander.

(2) I promise to recognize that any time consent is not given — or cannot be given        — (such as the victim being underage – or rape regardless of age), those acts          are a crime; and

 (3) I promise to do everything I can to create an environment where sexual                    assault and domestic violence are unacceptable, where survivors are                        supported, and where perpetrators are treated with the moral and                            legal accountability they deserve.


Stronger Social Support Networks

Children who grow up in nurturing environments with supportive caregivers are more likely to develop strong social support networks. These networks serve as a buffer against stress and adversity, providing individuals with the resources they need to cope effectively with life's challenges. In a society where child abuse is rare, there would be a proliferation of vital social support systems, fostering a sense of community and belonging for all members.


Promotion of Positive Parenting Practices

The elimination of child abuse would necessitate a societal shift towards promoting positive parenting practices. This includes providing parents with resources and support to effectively nurture and care for their children. As a result, families would be healthier and more cohesive, leading to stronger bonds between parents and children and reduced likelihood of intergenerational transmission of abuse.


Enhanced Trust and Cooperation

Trust is essential for building strong relationships and communities. Individuals who grow up without experiencing abuse are more likely to trust others and cooperate toward common goals. This fosters a sense of unity and collaboration across diverse groups, leading to greater social cohesion and collective well-being.


Cultivation of a Culture of Prevention and Intervention

The eradication of child abuse requires a concerted effort at all levels of society, including prevention and intervention strategies. By prioritizing the well-being of children and families, communities can create a culture that values and protects the most vulnerable members. This culture of prevention and intervention promotes accountability, support, and justice for victims of abuse while also working to address the underlying factors that contribute to abuse.

Overall, the absence of child abuse in the United States would lead to a society where individuals feel safer, more connected, and more empathetic towards one another. By prioritizing the well-being of children and families, we can create a more compassionate and harmonious society for future generations.


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